Understanding test anxiety – coping with test anxiety

Who does not remember his exams? Everybody has to pass exams. School examinations, exams, exams at the university and college, driving license exams, fishing license, sailing license, etc. These exams are a normal and integral part of our lives. But pleasure rarely do such exams. Often doubts about one’s own abilities come before an examination. This can increase to a blackout in an exam. How to prevent and manage anxiety, panic before or during an exam, our literature recommendations show the helpful links. They help to understand test anxiety, show relaxation techniques and mental strategies that can counteract the test anxiety and thus contribute to the success of exams.


No stress!

Try not to get stressed. In addition you divide your time well early. Make your own personal schedule. Of course, the learning times take up a lot of space. But also plan enough time for leisure and for a good night’s sleep. In addition, exercise is also very important: this can be sports, but walks are also good for the body and soul. When sport is to pay attention to a possible risk of injury, – so be careful when preparing for exams. Also, a healthy diet is important, – light food and not too much of it, so it does not depress at night. When balanced, many things are much easier to shoulder!

Always think positive!

  • if it’s going to be positive !! The inner peace – if it does not come by itself – can also be called. There is a technique: affirmation. That is the positive control of our unconscious. These are positive messages that I say to myself in the form of word groups (for example, strong and successful, relaxed and calm). It is important that these messages are positive, not negative! For example, they can be:
  • “I am strong and will succeed in the test!” Or
  • “My body is relaxed and my breath is calm!” Or
  • “I feel good and I’m calm in the exam!”

Take a deep breath!

  • and direct the breath. That really helps. Breathe deeply into the abdomen reduces test anxiety! Try it. To do this, breathe out slowly and for a long time. Take a breather and then breathe deeply through the nose into the abdomen. You do this slowly, consciously and several times in succession. That relaxes and takes away the nervousness. Minutes before a test, this is a good exercise to get a grip on.

Annoyances – no thanks!

In exam times and especially before exams, avoid annoying and negative people. These contemporaries can rob you of important time and strength. Experiences with these persons (also experiences from the past) can occupy you more intensively than you would like. This lacks the time to prepare for the exam, which means that you also lack the strength to take the exam. That distracts, – that does not do you any good!

No conflicts!

Sometimes it is easier said than done. But you should definitely try it! Avoid conflict situations and conflict talks. Stress in the family and in relationships, in particular, can be so demanding that there is little time and effort left for exam preparation and exams. That is to be avoided. Some problems are already visible at an early stage on the horizon, then it is advisable to avoid them.

Moreover: After a successful exam, such conflicts can be clarified much more confidently!

Master the exam playfully!

Oral exams can be tested playfully. Find out about the exam process: Is there a presentation that you can prepare? Will you then discuss your presentation or lecture? Then you can already steer the conversation in a certain direction or determine question directions.

You can then practice this process with a friend in a role play. You can play it alone at first. If you are sure, then in front of your friend or girlfriend. This audience is important. Because it makes a difference whether you practice your exam in the monologue in front of the mirror or under the critical eyes of a friend or girlfriend. You should do this several times and get some feedback in between, what they can do even better. The routine gives composure, – then it will also work in front of the examiners!

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